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How EnergyCAP Bucked the Trend as Smart Grid Leader

EnergyCAP was named as one of ten Enterprise Smart Grid Leaders by Groom Energy, but EnergyCAP is bucking the trend.

The report by Groom Energy, entitled “2013 Enterprise Smart Grid with a Corporate Buyers’ Guide for Energy Management,” provides an overview of the industry, lists recommendations for companies making software purchases, and names the ten Enterprise Smart Grid Leaders.

The report is based on 68 interviews with corporate energy, facility, and sustainability managers and vendors, and an online survey of 158 companies.

According to the report, EnergyCAP was chosen based on the strength of product, financial stability of the company, financial payback of solution, number of customers, sales momentum in the last 18 months, and product vision. But EnergyCAP is going against the flow.


One of the major findings from the interviews and research is that larger vendors are beginning to dominate through acquisitions and broader offerings. EnergyCAP, Inc. is a small, 45-person, privately-owned business with a 90% success rate on recent competitive bids.

The research also found that companies are increasingly looking for vendors with a broad product and service portfolio. EnergyCAP, Inc. has remained focused on publishing the best energy management software available by not diversifying into other services or products.

This is EnergyCAP’s second year on the top ten list. “It’s gratifying to be included again in the Smart Grid Top 10 Leaders list,” said Steve Heinz, Founder and CEO of EnergyCAP, Inc. “This confirms the corporate vision I established in 1982—to publish the leading energy information software for large multi-site organizations that helps them derive tangible cost savings benefits from utility bill processing, tracking, analysis, and reporting.

“That’s all we do, and our unwavering focus for 30 years on that vision has brought great value to thousands of educational, government, and commercial clients.”

Sometimes to lead, you have to be a little different.