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Miami-Dade County’s Energy Management Revival

By overcoming three major challenges, Miami-Dade County revived an energy management program burdened by outdated and inefficient processes. Patricia Gomez and Dan Coogan discuss how Miami-Dade County improved workflows and streamlined procedures for handling estimated bills. Both will share about their roles in the implementation of a county-wide system that transformed the way the County was handling its energy data.

The interview will discuss:

  • How leaders united 24 County departments under one energy management system.
  • The new streamlined bill review and payment process.
  • How the County avoids manual bill entry.


  • Patricia Gomez, PE, Sustainability Program Manager, Miami-Dade County
  • Dan Coogan, CEM, Energy Management Analyst, Miami-Dade County
  • Chris Heinz, VP of Marketing & Company Chaplain, EnergyCAP, Inc.
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