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Nailing Your Utility Budget

Why rely on “guesstimates” when you can nail your annual utility budget with the right budget process?

It’s all about accounting for variables, and weather is the biggest variable out there. But do you have a coherent and logical approach for correlating weather with your facility energy use?

There’s a science to it. And like most sciences, it can be taught and learned. In this recorded webinar, EnergyCAP CEO Steve Heinz will be the teacher, and he will introduce a few guiding principles for utility budgeting.

Steve’s webinar, Options and Methods for Correlating Weather with Facility Energy Use, was recorded December 17, 2015. It provides viewers with some practical tools for evaluating their organizational energy use.

Focusing on weather, Steve will discuss how this independent variable drives the dependent variable of energy usage at your organization. He will also explain the usefulness of determining weather’s impact in auditing, budgeting, and cost avoidance calculations.

For those with a bent toward the esoteric, Steve will humor you by at least mentioning dry bulb vs. wet bulb temperature measurement, daily degree days, and the merits or demerits of trying to incorporate weather-related variables such as wind, humidity, and hours of sunshine.

The mathematicians among us will warm to a discussion of straight-line vs. curved line correlation, and the bean-counters will rejoice to hear Steve wax eloquently on the inclusion of occupancy and production values in the mix of measurable energy variables.

If it all sounds a bit intimidating, don’t worry. Steve will help us sort it all out. He is a Professional Engineer, Certified Energy Manager, and Certified Measurement & Verification Professional with 40 years of experience in energy accounting software and civil/mechanical engineering. Since 1980, Steve’s software products (FASER and EnergyCAP) have tracked more accounts, meters, buildings, and clients than any other energy tracking system or service. For these accomplishments, Steve was named the 2013 International Energy Engineer of the Year by the Association of Energy Engineers.

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