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September 20, 2023

New Jersey Utility Providers select EnergyCAP to Help Customers Meet Clean Energy Act of 2018 Benchmarking Requirements

[State College, PA – September 13, 2023] – In a significant stride towards New Jersey’s commitment to sustainable energy practices, multiple utility providers have selected EnergyCAP Utility Company PlatformTM as their software solution for compliance with the Clean Energy Act of 2018 for building owners throughout the state.

The Clean Energy Act of 2018 mandates owners and operators of commercial buildings exceeding 25,000 square feet benchmark their energy and water consumption using the Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®. EnergyCAP’s forty-year history in energy and sustainability management excellence lays the groundwork for EnergyCAP Utility Company Platform TM, a solution thoughtfully designed for utility companies to better serve their commercial customers and seamlessly meet evolving governmental reporting requirements and mandates.

EnergyCAP Utility Company Platform TM helps utility companies manage data requests, aggregate building-level utility data, validate tenant data releases, and seamlessly integrate with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager ®. It’s an all-in-one solution designed to streamline energy compliance and data management for commercial customers. EnergyCAP’s Utility Company PlatformTM offers an array of functionalities to address the requirements outlined by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) and the Clean Energy Act. Most notably:

  • Streamlined compliance with the BPU Benchmarking Requirements
  • Quick aggregation of meter billing data, putting building owners in compliance with NJ’s 4/50 Rule
  • Easily manage Tenant Data Requests with self-service tools and tenant data release processes.
  • Seamless ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® Integration and data submission

“The New Jersey Clean Energy Act of 2018 sets a bold vision for the future of energy in New Jersey,” says Tom Patterson, EnergyCAP CEO. “We are proud to be working with innovative utilities to empower their commercial clients and build a more efficient and sustainable energy future for the state. Our platform not only simplifies the compliance process but also underscores the commitment of New Jersey’s utility community to leading green energy initiatives.”

For more information on how EnergyCAP is helping utilities in New Jersey and elsewhere serve their customers, visit the website or contact us.

About EnergyCAP

EnergyCAP is a leading provider of energy and sustainability enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional value and results for over forty years, EnergyCAP helps thousands of public and private organizations optimize energy consumption, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability efforts. By providing robust data collection, analysis, and reporting capabilities, EnergyCAP empowers organizations to make informed decisions and achieve their energy management and sustainability goals. Visit EnergyCAP.com to learn more.

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