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New Natural Gas Supply Account and Invoice FAQs

When EnergyCAP references an LDC (Local Distribution Company), what does it mean to clients located in New York State?

In New York State, Local Distribution Companies are referred to as the “T&D” (Transmission and Distribution) companies.

When there is more than one meter for a building, how can I tell what meter I should use to associate with the Supplier Account? I have the T&D Company Account Number.

The meter serial number should be stated on the bill and can be matched to the serial number stored in EnergyCAP. If the serial number is not stated on the bill, contact the Supplier Company to ask what meter is being supplied.

If I have both T&D and Supplier billing information included on the same bill, what EnergyCAP Bill Entry Template should I use?

EnergyCAP Bill Entry Templates were created to match the SUNY billing scenarios. Look through the existing Bill Entry Templates, with the Vendor Name included in the Template Code, for one that has Line Items for both T&D and Supply.