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New! Utility Bill Accounting Report Guide

Attention utility bill accountants! Our award-winning utility bill accounting software is the hub for your vendor, utility, and facility data. Now, we’ve made it even easier for you to streamline your energy accounting processes with our new Accounting Report Guide.

With feedback from our 900+ customers, we’ve identified the 11 most popular energy accounting reports and packaged sample images and helpful tips and hints into this downloadable guide. Thanks to our focus on rapid report creation and deployment, there may be a few very useful reports that you haven’t tried. And who couldn’t use a new productivity tool or two?

Popular reports included in the guide include:

  • Report-41, Bill and Batch Spreadsheet. Each spreadsheet row is a bill record, with many available filters and column options.
  • Report-34, Anticipated Bills Not Yet Processed. Eliminate late fees and shut-off notices by staying on top of missing-in-the-mail utility bills. Spot them before they bite!
  • Report-13, Bill Analysis. Advanced rolling quadratic regression equation highlights outliers based on usage, cost and demand.
  • Report-17, Missing and Overlapping Bills by Meter. Clean up historical data by identifying gaps and overlaps between existing bills.
  • And much more!

The Accounting Report Guide is available for download today. And while you’re at it, give a gift of the Energy Management Report Guide to your favorite energy or sustainability manager.