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News “Flash” – Catalyst 2016 is all about Progress

typewriterComputer.pngIf he was still alive, Steve Jobs would probably have grinned at last year’s news that YouTube moved from Flash to HTML5 as its primary technology for delivering videos.

Click here for a great article about YouTube’s four-year transition. And here’s the 2010 Steve Jobs letter that some say sealed the fate of Flash as a primary web development platform.

But what does this have to do with energy management?

HTML Transition

Over the last few years, EnergyCAP has traveled a similar road to YouTube, first bringing our energy management software to the web, and now moving from Flash to HTML so that we can continue to provide the best browser-based software on the planet for utility bill management.

This year at our annual Catalyst Training for Savings conference, we are going to celebrate that progress by unveiling and training on the new HTML-based EnergyCAP software. Catalyst 2016 (April 26-28) will be an unforgettable experience, with an Olympic training theme and keynote address by Olympic Gold Medalist Josh Davis.

Training for Savings

Start each day off with an optional half-hour workout session conducted by EnergyCAP’s certified fitness trainer, Blaine Clapper. We will also be introducing the Report Designer Add-On for Excel that is going to totally transform the energy reporting process for many present and future clients.

We’re keeping a hands-on training track at Catalyst for folks who want an introduction or refresher course on the primary software features of EnergyCAP Online. And Ace Place will still be available for one-on-one consultations with our project managers and support staff. This year we are adding a number of topical presentations that have been designed to answer frequent customer questions. And we’re doing it all at the Penn Stater Conference Center, which continues to receive rave reviews from Catalyst attendees.

Progress – Ours and Yours

This year’s Catalyst will be all about progress—our new software is just part of the picture. The big story has yet to be written; the story about how our EnergyCAP users will apply the knowledge they have gained to solve their unique organizational energy issues.

Register by January 31 – Save $100

Check out the Catalyst schedule and make your plans to attend. If you sign up this month to attend Catalyst 2016, you can save $100 on the price for the conference. Use the Early Bird Conference Registration ticket option on the Catalyst registration web page. We look forward to seeing you there!