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Put On Your BudgetCAP

It may be just the right time to put on your BudgetCAP.

In my last blog I showed how you can set expectations for a potential second quarter utilities budget surplus. In that real-world example, the 240-facility, 25 million-square-feet public sector organization can expect a surplus of as much $6 million.

You’re coming to the realization that your next fiscal year budget is about to take a hit. The conventional wisdom about the public sector is “last in/last out” of a recession, so the toughest budget cutbacks may be months or even a year in the future…it’s coming, to be sure.

But today, you’re in for a nice utilities budget surplus! This may present a unique short-term opportunity for you to capture the surplus before it’s too late and invest it toward lower future operating expenses. 

For 40 years, EnergyCAP has stood for Energy Cost Avoidance Program. Today, I’d like to introduce the concept of BudgetCAP,  your Budget Cost Avoidance Program. The approach is simple: Invest your Q2 utilities surplus funds now into operating efficiencies to pay cost avoidance dividends in FY 21 and beyond. We offer a range of business process outsourcing options to help you streamline workflow and focus your time on high-value tasks. We’ll craft a plan that works best for your unique situation:

If you’re already an EnergyCAP user:

  • Sign up for our popular Bill CAPture service. Using a variety of technologies, we’ll capture and process your utility bills for you. We all hate to hear of furloughs and layoffs, but if they’re coming to your organization, Bill CAPture can pick up the essential utility bill processing tasks.
  • Buy a block of 10, 20, or even 40 “Customer Success” consulting hours. A highly experienced Customer Success Manager (averaging over ten years of hands-on EnergyCAP experience) will work with you to optimize how you use EnergyCAP, introduce you to built-in productivity tools you may have missed, and give you all the assistance and online training you need to hone your skills and increase your value to your employer.
  • Take a look at our all-new Customer Services Catalog and use it to submit an order for services or a free consultation.

If you’re not yet already an EnergyCAP user:

  • We can structure a proposal to meet your cash flow availability. If you expect a near-term budget surplus, you can opt for a perpetual software license and use available funds now to reduce future-year license and maintenance fees. Conversely, you may prefer to push expenses to future years and limit near-term cash outlays.
  • Contact us if you’d like to schedule an online demonstration and requirements conversation.

Put on your BudgetCAP and act now! There will be many competing needs and wants for the impending budget surplus, so now is the time to start laying out your case. Soon the immediate crisis (and budget surplus) will be in the past, and we’ll all be in the slow and difficult re-building process, hoping for a return to normalcy but quite probably in a time of budget deficit.

I wish you the very best for health, safety, and security.