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In communication, surprises are a vital element of any good story.

Surprises introduce the unexpected. And the unexpected plot twist is the “hook” that can make a story memorable and even motivational.

Our marketing team is reading a book about story, called Tell to Win. Written by Peter Guber, producer of movies such as Rain Man, The Color Purple, and Batman, the book is a primer for success in business and life.

I won’t share all of Guber’s secrets, but I encourage you to consider presenting your next big idea in the context of a story. You may find a much warmer reception when you Tell to Win with a compelling and unexpected story line.

And speaking of surprises, we’ve got some for you.

This month, we’re launching the second series of Energy Leader webinars, and the first one is all about surprises. 

Five Surprising Lessons Learned from 30 Years of Energy Software is scheduled for October 21 at 4:00 PM, EST. Presented by Steve Heinz, winner of the 2013 International Energy Engineer of the Year award, the webinar will share insights Steve has gained over a career in energy software development spanning more than 30 years.

Other upcoming webinar topics include:

    • Bill auditing and rate analysis

    • Measurement & Verification

    • Campus chargebacks and submeters

    • Demand response

    • Energy procurement

    • Software retro commissioning

These monthly Energy Leader webinars will enhance your knowledge of energy issues important to your business success.

Make sure to register now, and bookmark the Energy Leader webinar schedule, which will be updated regularly.