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Survey Results: 2015 Energy Management Trends

trendsChartWe recently surveyed a number of our energy management contacts, primarily in the commercial sector, to find out what they were expecting regarding energy management trends in 2015—everything from energy use/cost to salaries. We’re recapping the results of that survey today.

Survey participants had an average of 10 years of experience in their current job position, so we believe they are well-positioned to provide an informed perspective.

Energy Costs

More than a quarter of our respondents suggested that energy costs for their organization would remain flat in 2015. Another 15 percent were expecting slight increases (two to five percent). Comments like these illustrate the expectations:

  • “We locked in energy rates. Where we did not, energy prices have declined.”
  • “No change in market price.”
  • “Replacing old computers and servers with new ones decrease usage of energy because of their efficiency. Increase of expense is due to additional equipment added to the company.”
  • “A Solar PV display is being installed that should lower our energy costs. We are building a new building that will increase our use.  I am not certain of the net increase or decrease so I would say neutral.”

Energy Use

Nearly 30 percent of respondents predicted that their energy use would be on par with last year. However, 24 percent predicted that their energy use would actually decrease by two to five percent. For some respondents, milder seasonal temperatures are providing energy savings. Others pointed to the success of current and recent energy management projects. Only one fifth of respondents thought that their use would go up, primarily due to business expansion, and/or increase in conditioned square footage, enrollment, or production. Here are some of the comments from individuals expecting steady use or decreases:

  • “Continue to focus on demand reduction.”
  • “Don’t expect the same frigid temps as this year and last year.”
  • “We don’t have a lot planned other than switching to LED bulbs and fixtures where possible.”
  • “Installing new T-8 & LED lights throughout our hospital.”

What Will You Be Doing Differently in 2015?

More than a quarter of our respondents were satisfied with their status quo and said that they anticipated no change in their energy management programs or processes. Among those who were anticipating changes, lighting retrofits and submetering were generally the most popular capital improvements. Others were looking at load shifting or smart-metering and analysis to enhance demand management.

Here are some comments from those energy managers anticipating changes in 2015:

  • “Turning all ptacs down to low heat 62 in the winter and 74 during the summer.”
  • “Adding programmable thermostats & replacing fluorescent with LED.”
  • “Continue to upgrade T12 lights to T8.”
  • “We will be increasing our metering infrastructure. We plan on having 100% of our chilled water metered by the end of 2015 and steam 100% metered by the end of 2016.”
  • “Wrapping our hands around additional data made available from deployment of AMI.”
  • “Rolling audit of our electric metering. Gas metering will be connected to BMS.”

salary-2015Salary Changes in 2015

Ninety-six percent of the energy professionals surveyed thought that their salaries would stay the same or get a boost in 2015. Here’s the breakdown of survey percentages:

It looks like a good year for energy management. Thanks to all who took the time to participate in our survey, and congratulations to the winner of the Amazon gift card. Keep your eye out for future surveys from EnergyCAP, and feel free to contact me with questions or topics that might be of interest to you.

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