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Michele Markovits // Miami-Dade County, FL

“Our responsibilities are paramount to the public good and to the future of our community.”

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Michelle Markovitz. I’m the energy management analyst at Miami-Dade County in Miami, Florida.


What was it like before you started using EnergyCAP?

I think everybody has the same answer. Spreadsheet madness. So we all had spreadsheets upon spreadsheets, it really was just a big mess. But the data was there. I mean, we all felt good about what we were doing, but it just took a long time to get to the result that you are looking for. So you spent more time collecting the information, scrubbing the data, validating the data, and making sure that the results were what you expected based on the information that you had.


How is your work different now that you use EnergyCAP?

It’s a lot easier to see the changes sometimes or it requires a lot less work to make the changes and it’s definitely more efficient. So more time is spent on the analysis. You’re able to compile the data in many different ways based on the requests that are coming at you for the data. So it’s really helped provide a lot of stakeholders the information that they’re looking for in formats that are manageable for them. So you can still use spreadsheets and you can still provide a PDF, whether they’re internal or external stakeholders. So it’s been very good that way. Being able to share the information.


How would you summarize your experience using EnergyCAP?

EnergyCAP has everything that we need. They work to provide what we don’t even know that we need sometimes. And it seems that they’re thinking ahead of the things that we might need. And the program is very robust, and it’s answered all of the needs that we’ve had, from electeds to upper management to the end user to the technician in the field. I think they’ve thought of most everything. It’s a great program.


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