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The What and Why of Energy Management Software Retro Commissioning

change-graphic.jpgThe Greek philosopher Heraclitus reportedly said that the only thing that is constant is change. He probably wasn’t talking about your real estate portfolio, but if you manage energy for multiple properties,

 you know that Heraclitus’ declaration has a ring of truth.

Buildings and organizations change over time. Processes are revamped. Employees retire or transfer. Remodeling happens. Space is repurposed from one function to another. And systems struggle (often unsuccessfully) to keep up with the pace.

Your energy management software is another system, and you may have been using it in the same way for years. But is your current approach the best approach? Have inevitable changes created an opportunity to do things differently and to do them better?

Today’s blog on software retro commissioning may help you answer that question.


At EnergyCAP, our software retro commissioning process is specifically designed to help maximize savings by revising, improving, and expanding an EnergyCAP software implementation to match a client’s current needs, capabilities, and expectations.

Whether the current situation involves staffing changes, a growing understanding of the capabilities of energy management software, new energy reporting mandates, business reorganization, or updated energy management priorities, software retro commissioning can offer increased value.

Our process starts with a free assessment. EnergyCAP offers a complimentary 90-minute consultation with an EnergyCAP account representative and an experienced project manager. From the consultation, we develop an action plan for maximizing EnergyCAP’s value for the organization. We evaluate client goals and evaluate them in relative to the current EnergyCAP license agreement. If changes are needed, we recommend options. Our initial findings are presented in a complimentary no-obligation written proposal. From there, the client can decide to move forward independently or in partnership with our professional staff.

What are the Client Advantages?

There are three major advantages of software retro commissioning for current EnergyCAP clients:

  1. There is no obligation to complete the process. The only investment required is the time involved in the initial consultation and proposal review.
  2. We generate and provide the retro commissioning proposal. This is free professional feedback on the status quo from an outside source that may provide valuable direction for utility bill processing and energy management improvements.
  3. The goal is to maximum the client’s current investment moving forward. The organization is already invested in EnergycAP, so the retro commissioning process is simply multiplying the value of that investment.

What’s the Process Like?

Software retro commissioning by its nature is highly customized and customizable. That said, each project has similar components. Here is what you can expect with EnergyCAP:

  1. Initial GoToMeeting consultation
  2. Complimentary project proposal outlining needs and opportunities
  3. Upon acceptance, assignment of a project manager (PM)
  4. Project kickoff meeting with your PM
  5. 3-6 month average timeframe for completion (dependent on project scope)

How Do I Know if My Organization Could Benefit?

We have found that software retro commissioning is particularly helpful for client organizations that share one or more of these characteristics:

  • Staff turnover in the energy management area:
    Software training can be an important part of the retro commissioning process, whether the organization is integrating new processes or getting personnel up to speed with best practices or new software capabilities.
  • New energy management initiatives:
    Are you going in a new direction with your energy management program? Do you need new reporting metrics, new ways to organize data, or ways to track new commodities like wind or solar? Retro commissioning can provide guidance and best practices.
  • Changes in competencies/proficiencies:
    Have you completed a certification or training program that has prepared you for additional responsibilities or opportunities? Perhaps you have attended our annual Catalyst Training for Savings conference and have learned of additional value streams for your program. Retro commissioning may provide clear direction for quickly increasing the value your organization receives from EnergyCAP.
  • 3+ years of experience with EnergyCAP:
    We have found that clients who are through the initial “honeymoon period” with EnergyCAP are comfortable enough to begin a more systematic and informed exploration of software integration with organizational energy management and business processes.
  • Government or higher education user:
    These types of organizations often have more complex and multifaceted energy management program requirements, and retro commissioning can address shortcomings in current processes.

For many clients, energy management software retro commissioning can provide a clear path to maximizing their EnergyCAP investment. For more information, visit our retro commissioning web page, or contact us directly. We would be happy to provide a complimentary assessment at your convenience.