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Tips and Videos for EnergyCAP Professional Version

EnergyCAP Professional users, this post is for you! As you know, we’re converting clients to the new online version from the installed desktop version. More than 65% of clients have already made the switch and are receiving the benefits of the online version.

In order to have a smooth transition, please watch these ten videos. In an hour, you can watch all ten, which is required for us to convert your database. The videos will show you everything you need for day-to-day use of EnergyCAP.

And that’s not all. Because we want you to be as successful as possible, we’ve also included five tips to improve your use of EnergyCAP. You can find the tips below the videos.

Helpful Videos

1: Login and Basic Navigation


2: Help and Support


3: Buildings and Meters Menu




4: Bill Processing Menu




5: Manual Bill Entry




6: Reports Menu Overview


7: Reports: How to Run Reports


8: EnergyCAP Search Feature


9: Cost Avoidance Processors


10: Cost Avoidance Charts




Tips for Success

Tip 1: Use the AN27 Report

The AN27 report is a visual bill audit, which lets you “eyeball” your bills for accuracy.

Tip 2: Display by Meter Group

For a fast review of meter data, use the option in Buildings & Meters to “Display by Meter Group.”

Tip 3: Enter Bills Faster

To enter bills faster, pre-sort the bills by vendor. This will quicken your speed as you enter bills. Also avoid touching your mouse during bill entry. Use only keys.

Tip 4: Only Process What You Need

While there is a variety of data that can be processed in different ways, be selective about the data you process at one time.

Tip 5: Use Our Services for Greater Value

Our two new services–Bill CAPture and EDITS will enhance your value:

  • Through Bill CAPture, eliminate manual entry of utility bills for all utility bill scenarios.
  • Get a 50-point inspection and improvement of your EnergyCAP database with the EnergyCAP Data Inspection and Tune-Up Service (EDITS). 

To learn more about these services, 
please contact us.

Tip 6: Watch the Training Videos

The 10 most important topics are above, but that’s not all. There are 30 more videos on detailed topics.

Look forward to a better version of EnergyCAP!




Posted by
Chris Heinz

Chris is the VP of Marketing for EnergyCAP, Inc., which helps organizations get value from their utility bills through energy management software. An active member of his company’s chaplain program, Chris published a book called, Made To Pray.