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Top Ten Ebooks from EnergyCAP

At EnergyCAP, we’re always looking for ways to help you succeed in energy management. One of the ways we do this is through publishing ebooks. Our growing ebook library covers a variety of topics from finding energy savings to benchmarking your energy data to analyzing weather data.


What ebooks are the most popular? In this post, we count down the top ten most-downloaded EnergyCAP ebooks:

10. How To Create Chargebacks & Utilize Submeters On A Campus 

An effective chargeback process will save you money and time. This ebook presents processes involved in handling campus-based internal and interdepartmental invoicing for energy-related expenses using energy management software in conjunction with submeters. Learn what chargebacks are and how they work, why chargebacks are so useful for campus-type organizations, where chargeback data can be obtained, and desirable software features for integrating chargebacks into your organization’s business practices.

9. 10 Tactics of Successful Energy Managers 

The cleanest and cheapest unit of energy is the one you never use. Developing the right tactics for energy management can determine success, so what practices should energy managers nurture? This eBook highlights ten practices that help energy managers excel in their work.

8. Power Grid Fundamentals & Electricity Pricing 

What is the Grid and who keeps it running? This ebook draws back the curtain to reveal the unsung heroes of the power grid—the grid managers who must match supply to the ever-changing electricity demand from moment to moment. Learn about: the three interconnected grid regions of the U.S., day-ahead and real-time markets that determine your electricity costs, how grid operators juggle generator capacity to meet electricity demand, FERC and its regulatory role, and what grid events can influence the availability and pricing of electricity.

7. 10 Superhero Skills and Tools for the Everyday Energy Manager

Is it a bird? A plane? Nay, it’s just the competent and well-equipped energy manager. In this ebook, we reveal ten super skills and tools that help the energy manager maximize his or her superhero potential. It shouldn’t require a superhero to manage your energy information, but put these ten super skills and tools to work and your boss or coworkers might start treating you like Energy Captain.

6. Beyond Compliance: Four Levels of Engagement with Sustainability

In sustainability, initial steps are often mistaken for final steps. “Beyond Compliance” helps readers rethink sustainability strategy. Learn about: the four levels of sustainability engagement, sustainability excellence and how to define it for your organization, models for assessment, and real-life examples of sustainability success.

5. 6 Tips for Tracking Your Utility Bills 

Looking for easy tips for mastering your utility bills? This ebook presents six valuable utility bill auditing tips—suggestions that will help as you go through your normal utility bill review, approval, and payment process every month. These tips will help you spot problems and save money in the process. Learn about: six utility bill tracking tips you can use now, the challenge of estimated bills, understanding the load factor formula, and dealing with power factor.

4. Introduction to Measurement & Verification 

What is M&V? This ebook presents a helpful overview of the measurement & verification process. Learn the history of computer-assisted M&V, the four primary M&V methods, and then focus in on the benefits of IPMVP Option C for whole-facility energy analysis. This ebook covers: the what and why of M&V, four IPMVP methods, common Option C Baseline Adjustments, and IPMVP limitations and reporting options.

3. 20 Ways to Find Utility Bill Savings 

Want to outsmart your energy bill? Think of your organization’s monthly utility bills as a treasure trove of data, just waiting to be mined for big savings. How can you interpret that data in a way that will save energy and money? This ebook will show you 20 utility bill audits to help you find savings including: utility bill audits you can start using, audits you shouldn’t ignore, and questions to consider in setting up audits.

2. Effective Energy Benchmarking 

Looking for creative ways to spot energy savings? This eBook presents a helpful overview of the energy benchmarking process. It’s loaded with helpful suggestions on finding energy savings using your utility bill history. Learn about: the types of energy benchmarking, keys to quality benchmarking, and helpful benchmarking metrics

1. The Impact of Weather on Facility Energy Use  

How much is the weather costing you? This ebook presents the tools and concepts you need to quantify the impact of weather on your facility energy budget. You’ll learn how to: use degree days to profile the weather sensitivity of your buildings, what CBECS is and how it can help you, where to find accurate degree data data online from a weather station near you, and how to forecast energy costs up to two weeks ahead of time.

Is there a topic missing from the ebook library? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll see about publishing one!