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Two New Features in EnergyCAP Online

channelDataChart.pngEnergyCAP clients who attended this year’s Catalyst Training Conference were excited to hear of new software features. In today’s blog, we highlight two of them:

  • Interval Data Charting
  • User-Defined Fields

Interval Data Charting

Interval data charting has been around for a long time in the installed client software for EnergyCAP, but customers haven’t been able to view their interval data online. Now they can. This feature upgrade will be a boon to those who envision viewing interval data over the web.

The import process has not yet been ported over to the browser-based version, so clients will still need to use the installed client software to import the raw channel data (files obtained through smart meter or other data sources). But once you get the data INTO your EnergyCAP database, you can take it anywhere.

There are many exciting things you can do with interval data! Here’s a video of CEO Steve Heinz providing 12 reasons for paying more attention to interval data:

Convinced of the value of interval data? Then check out this one-minute silent video demonstrating the import process and the new charting tool:

For more information about importing interval data in EnergyCAP, you can check out the online HELP resources.

And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can engage your IT team about using our public API to work out your own custom import procedure (just look for the OBSERVATION heading, since channel readings are called “observations” in EnergyCAP):

Once your data is in EnergyCAP, the new charting tool in EnergyCAP Online can provide great insights on the dynamics of your organizational energy use!

User-Defined Fields

Until this year, user-defined fields were created and managed in the EnergyCAP Enterprise installed client software. With the newest EnergyCAP release, we’ve ported that functionality over to the browser-based EnergyCAP Online. Now you can create and manage your user-defined fields with the very latest browser-based software. 

User-defined fields are great for storing that one extra piece of data that your admin team or your accounting department really needs for each utility bill. And you can also auto-group buildings or meters based on user-defined field values, so this will open up uncharted territory for more advanced energy and cost analysis. Documentation is available online for this new feature.

Here’s a video with some additional details:

We hope you derive real value from these new EnergyCAP Online features! If you have any questions, contact us!