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Utility Bills Plus Interval Data—A Marriage Made in Heaven

Utility bills vs. interval data. Two very different types of information. The forest vs. the trees. The whole pie vs. a ‘byte’. These two sources represent distinct value streams for the modern enterprise.


The smart energy manager can realize and leverage the value of each, and added value accrues when you bring them together—a kind of energy management marriage made in heaven. That’s the premise for the first of another round of monthly Energy Leader Webinars sponsored by EnergyCAP.

NOTE: The webinar referred to in this post has been recorded. EnergyCAP, Inc. paired up with Lucid Design Group, LLC, on September 16, 2015, at 3:00 PM ET, to provide a webinar titled 10 Ways to Find Savings from your Energy Data.

The pairing is ideal, since EnergyCAP is a recognized national leader in the area of utility bill management, and Lucid brings a depth of experience in leveraging real-time and interval energy data. Jason Smith, Director of Solutions for Lucid Design Group will share the webinar stage with John Heinz, Vice President of Sales, for EnergyCAP, Inc. John frequently speaks to groups about energy management software, and leads a training track at EnergyCAP’s annual Catalyst Training Conference.

Together the two presenters will clarify the value proposition for leveraging both real-time data and utility billing information.

By looking at 10 real-world examples from government, higher education,and business, Jason and John will show you how to save energy, money, and time managing your building portfolio by identifying:

  • Stolen utilities
  • Hidden leaks
  • Incorrect billing
  • Energy waste
  • Building ownership issues
  • And more

September is back-to-school for many of our families, and it’s a great month of educational opportunities for energy managers as well.