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Video Interview Shows How County Saved $96,000

Recently, Janet Purchase, Energy Manager for Riverside, CA, contacted EnergyCAP, Inc. (ECI) with good news.

Just seven months after implementing EnergyCAP, the County has already saved $96,000. This amount is 81 percent of the initial investment of purchasing EnergyCAP.

Chris Heinz, VP of Marketing for ECI, sat down with Janet to understand exactly how the County saved $96,000, and how the lessons she learned can benefit other organizations. The 15-minute video interview answers these questions:


    1. Why did you purchase EnergyCAP?


    1. What was the financial incentive you received from your local government partnership?


    1. What error did your utility bill entry staff find?


    1. How did bill auditing return money to the County?


    1. Beyond the dollar savings, what other benefits have you found?


About Janet Purchase

Janet Purchase is the Energy Manager for Riverside County, California, which is the 11th most populous county in the United States. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music and a Master’s degree in Public Administration. For most of her career, she has served the public sector, holding energy management positions in higher education and city/county government. During her five years at Riverside County, Janet has brought in $7 million in grant funding and direct install projects and obtained over $2 million in utility rebates and incentives.  She’s also established an internal revolving fund for energy projects, installed 11 photovoltaic systems on county facilities, initiated an electric vehicle charging program, and worked to create PACE programs in the County.