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Work Smarter, Not Harder with EnergyCAP’s Developer Tools


We all are pressed for time and wish that we had more bandwidth in the day to take care of the most important and significant tasks on our to-do list. Fortunately, EnergyCAP provides a collection of tools that can streamline your utility bill workflow processes, provide greater visibility into your energy performance and cost data, and free you up to work on the things that only you can do.

The tools I’m referencing enable our clients to integrate EnergyCAP with their existing systems and processes. They’re built using industry-standard technologies that are easy for developers to understand and implement, and the tools are well tested and reliable. In 2020 alone, our clients have used EnergyCAP’s development tools to create over 20,000 building records, create over 350,000 meter records, import interval data files over 24,000 times, and generate more than 5.6 million bills. And they’ve done all of this automatically using the developer tools provided by EnergyCAP.

Interested? Want to know more about your options and the features EnergyCAP makes available? Here is a list of resources to help you get started:

  • Overview of EnergyCAP’s Developer Tools – We recently published a webinar that walks through the developer tools and services that EnergyCAP provides to simplify your utility bill processing. It’s a great place to start if you want to know more about what’s available and to hear how other organizations are already taking advantage of these features.
  • EnergyCAP’s API Developer Documentation – At the heart of EnergyCAP’s technologies are APIs (application programming interfaces). These are well documented “contracts” or instructions that accept requests to create, edit, delete, or retrieve objects, take an action, or begin a process. The same resources and options we use are available to developers. If it can be done in EnergyCAP, then your developers can take the same action via EnergyCAP’s APIs. We’re happy to provide documentation to help developers use EnergyCAP’s API Platform. Since EnergyCAP Version 7 went live in 2018, we have increased the number of APIs available for client use by 65%!
  • EnergyCAP Software Developer Kit – We’ve also packaged tools to make using EnergyCAP’s APIs even easier. The EnergyCAP Software Developer Kit (SDK) turns EnergyCAP’s APIs into easy-to-use models and standard programming objects that your developers can download and start using today.
  • API Keys – EnergyCAP includes a security feature that allows software developers to easily authenticate with EnergyCAP’s infrastructure. API Keys can be configured in EnergyCAP using the same user roles and topmost permissions with which you’re already familiar.
  • EnergyCAP Webhooks – EnergyCAP can “push” notifications to your other IT systems whenever a specific action occurs. For example, you may want your accounting platform to know when new bills are created in EnergyCAP or share new buildings and meters with your facility management system. These notifications can be easily created and managed within EnergyCAP courtesy of webhooks. This has all been built using industry-standard tools and services, so you can even connect EnergyCAP to popular workflow management systems, such as If This Then That (IFTTT), Microsoft automation services, Google services, Dropbox, and more.

There are more options available to you when you subscribe to EnergyCAP’s hosting services. We provide tools like single sign-on (SSO) to make logging into EnergyCAP easier for your team, automated integrations between EnergyCAP and your accounting systems, custom workflow actions that you control, automated reports, customized auditing logic, and more. Please contact EnergyCAP’s Sales Team to switch to EnergyCAP’s hosting services or to learn more about your options.

We’re working hard to make EnergyCAP easier, smarter, and friendlier to use, and we continue to enhance our developer tools and services too, so you and your team can work smarter, not harder.