Resources: Energy Management
Field Guides

Field Guides

Browse our Field Guides and answer all of your important questions regarding energy management information systems, utility bill processing and workflow management, and energy reduction goals. 


Achieving an Energy Reduction Mandate

Successfully navigate a government-enacted energy reduction mandate.


Spec and Purchase an Energy Management System (EMIS)

Questions to ask EMIS vendors before you buy.


How Much Will You Save with an EMIS?

Stories we have heard from EnergyCAP customers over the past four decades.


Energy Benchmarking

Explore four types of building energy benchmarks that highlight energy issues and opportunities.


Utility Bill Processing

The ins & outs of utility bill processing and a streamlined workflow.


Interval Data

See the value that can be extracted from interval data tracking and analysis.


Implementing an Energy Management Info System (EMIS)

How to plan for your EMIS implementation


Utility Bill Processing - Campus Edition

The ins & outs of utility bill processing and distributions in a campus environment.