Submeters & Chargebacks

EnergyCAP’s Submeters & Chargebacks functionality streamlines and simplifies business processes for allocating energy consumption and creating chargeback or rebill “invoices” for customers, internal departments, or tenants.

This feature is most helpful for university campuses, military installations, and multi-tenant facilities where it is necessary to create invoices for reimbursable and self-supporting activities, and for energy management purposes.

If your tenant facilities or billable spaces are submetered, the submeter readings can be integrated into the use and cost allocation process. EnergyCAP has a flexible import wizard that enables you to import interval or monthly reading data files from any metering system. Or, we can capture and import the meter data for you via our Smart CAPture service.

As an alternative or in addition to submeter readings, you can allocate use and cost on a percentage basis. For example, if a Public Safety Building allocates 60% of the master bill to the Police Department and 40% to the Fire Department based on square footage of occupied space, then EnergyCAP can create “tenant” bills for these departments based on their respective percentages of the master bill.