Account & Meter Tracking

With EnergyCAP’s utility bill management software, you can track and audit any energy or non-energy commodity and any type of bill detail. Whether you enter data manually using bill entry templates, import your data, or subscribe to our Bill CAPture service, EnergyCAP treats your data right.

EnergyCAP provides two different views—finances and facilities—so you can view and report both data types separately. Leveraging the power of a relational database, hyperlinks make it easy to jump between accounts, buildings, and meters. By helping you correlate cost and consumption information, EnergyCAP provides granular and summary-level data from both perspectives for powerful analytics that yield actionable insights. In addition, a sophisticated memo and message system links action items and information to specific accounts and locations, making it easy to resolve utility billing and energy management issues.

EnergyCAP’s PowerViews and reports provide a clear picture of each account/meter’s cost and consumption history for months or years in graphical and tabular formats.



Utility Bill Auditing

How do you know if your utility bill data is correct? With EnergyCAP’s utility bill audit library, you can automatically run audits to verify accuracy and spot problems with your utility bills. You can also create audit groups and automate running of individual bill audits or audit groups at any point in the workflow process, even during bill entry.

Audits will flag bills according to the conditions you specify. Utility bill auditing can help you find and fix issues relating to unusual billing period lengths, cost duplication, gaps in billing dates, frequently estimated bills, use or cost that exceeds the norm, significant variance from historical patterns for use, cost, or demand, meter reading issues, rate schedule issues, and actual vs. budget differences.

Workflow Management

In EnergyCAP, you can configure workflow settings for processing your utility bills, including bill batch creation and nomenclature; audits and approval processes; accounts payable and general ledger export rules; and any required bill header information.



Accounting Interface

In some organizations, the accounting department automatically pays the utility bills without knowledge or approval from the energy manager. But what if the bill was incorrect, the vendor should not have been paid, or the data was double-keyed into separate accounting and energy management systems? There is a better way to audit, process, and manage utility bills. Make EnergyCAP energy and utility bill management software the smart and friendly "front-end" to your accounts payable or general ledger system.

Through a customized interface, EnergyCAP can integrate with any financial system including: CAS, PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle, MR, QuickBooks, Great Plains, Banner, and Performance. If your system isn't on the list, no worries, we can create interfaces to any A/P and G/L system, even proprietary applications.

Bill Accruals

Do you depend on accurate accruals to close out an accounting period? EnergyCAP utility bill management can create estimated utility bills based on historical billing data to help your finance staff fill in the gaps. The accrued bills can then be exported to the General Ledger, and when the actual bill is received, a simple process reverses the accrued transactions.

If your accrual needs aren’t as complex, EnergyCAP provides a basic accruals report that can be used to accrue use and cost using calculations based on existing utility data. This report makes it unnecessary to create actual bill records in EnergyCAP. The report can be exported from EnergyCAP in spreadsheet format for use by accounting staff.



Data Import & Update

Setup Sheets are data import templates that enable you to quickly and accurately import organizational data (including users/permissions, vendors, rates, buildings and accounts) into EnergyCAP. If you’re already using EnergyCAP and need to make mass updates, Update Sheets make the process fast and easy.

Issue Tracker

How do you document the issues associated with meters in EnergyCAP? Through the Issue Tracker you can track, report, email, and manage energy savings opportunities, personnel, and problems. Issues are meter-based and can be created from multiple places in EnergyCAP, including during bill entry. Issues are similar to work orders and include a brief summary of the problem or savings opportunity.

Each issue is assigned an ID and can be categorized by status, type, date, and assigned to a staff member for resolution. Each issue also includes database fields for indicating the cost value associated with the issue, the use amount (amount of commodity “at risk” due to the issue), and notes. To assist with issue management, a status field can be used as a filter to show or hide issues for various reports and lists.