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Blue-Chip Client

A leading financial services provider was successful in reducing the energy use of office ventilation equipment by 29% by reducing the equipment fan speed settings.

The Background

The general public often pictures big smoke-belching chimney stacks, the wheels of industry, or long lines of cars when they consider a rising national energy demand. However, the services sector in Ireland still accounts for roughly 12% of the final energy demand. Office buildings, particularly those with air conditioning systems, make up most of this energy demand. Facility managers can use energy management as an effective tool to control and reduce energy use within their buildings.

Our client was established in Ireland over 15 years ago and is a leading financial services provider employing many people in Ireland and abroad. They always use the latest technologies to achieve their company goals, such as delivering excellent customer service, and decided they would employ the same approach regarding energy management.

The Answer

EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics™ (formerly Wattics) installed an energy management solution that monitored the individual electrical distribution boards at each floor level throughout the building. The solution delivered a clear picture of electrical energy consumption for significant consumers within the building, including air conditioning, ventilation plant, plug loads such as PCs, and lighting. At the client’s request, 3G communications were deployed to send the monitored energy data from multiple meters to the EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics Energy Dashboard.

EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics was used to identify significant energy consumers on individual floors quickly and view energy use online for different areas in real time. Powerful reports with valuable energy insights and recommended energy-saving actions were also delivered to the facilities team within the building.

The facilities team used these reports to successfully implement several recommended energy-saving measures for air conditioning systems for different building zones and some ventilation equipment.

The Results

The EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics Dashboard can be utilized to assess the before-and-after picture of energy conservation measures or energy-saving actions. As part of other savings, our client reduced the energy use of office ventilation equipment by 29% by reducing the equipment fan speed settings.

Other Benefits

  • Real-time visibility on energy use, through automatic text or email alerts.
  • Energy Performance Indicators to track building performance.
  • Identification of wastage and energy-saving opportunities through tailored reports, including the EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics WISE Report or “Wastage Identification Saving Energy” Report.

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