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Cas de Roij // Klictix

In this video we chat with Cas de Roij, Owner and Director of Kilctix, and learn how he benefits from using Wattics, an EnergyCAP Solution, to keep his customers informed about their facilities' energy consumption. Klictex uses Wattics' real-time data to make the buildings they serve healthier, more energy efficient, and more profitable—and has fun while doing it.
"My experience with Wattics has mostly been a fun experience, and I know fun is not always the most important thing, but if you have fun in doing your job and communicating with the people and using the platform, you really get the most out of it. You really have to be engaged in using the platform and I think that's what Wattics has really done great in the last couple of years."
Cas de Roij // Owner and Director

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