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Calendarization accurately allocates utility bill use and cost data to the month it occurred by dividing the data into daily buckets and then allocating the values—based on weather sensitivity of the meter—to the appropriate calendar month. This process is helpful in comparing month-to-month and year-to-year utility bill data and smoothing out quarterly or annual invoices across multiple months. Calendarized data is more helpful to Energy Managers because they can see use and cost in the month it occurred.

Enhanced budgeting and calendarized forecasting

By evaluating historical energy consumption patterns based on the calendar, and not your billing cycle, you can predict future energy costs with greater precision. This improved financial foresight ensures more accurate budgeting, with just the right amount of funds allocated for future bills.

Improved energy efficiency analysis with calendarized data

Calendarized data makes it easier to assess the true impact of energy-saving initiatives by isolating their effect on specific months compared to seasonal variations. This allows you to identify trends over time, like whether a new HVAC system effectively reduced energy use during peak summer months.  With this level of granular detail, you can make informed decisions about future energy-saving strategies and maximize your return on investment.

Facilitates compliance and calendar accounting reporting

ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® and other benchmarking platforms use calendarized data as the standard format for building benchmarking. This allows for fair and accurate comparison of energy use between buildings regardless of their billing cycle. Automatically calendarized data in EnergyCAP UtilityManagement™ simplifies ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager submittals, eliminating data gaps or overlaps and making compliance with local and state benchmarking mandates a breeze.

Energy and sustainability leaders love EnergyCAP!

Our energy and sustainability software brings cross-functional teams together, in a single platform, to drive cost-effective and responsible utilization of finite resources.

“Don't settle for some half-baked program when you can have the best. I just got a refund of $350,000 from using EnergyCAP data to prove to the water company were being overbilled.”
Patrick B.
"It is incredible to me what shared challenges and situations higher ed has and EnergyCAP really really gets that, which I appreciate."
Andrea Moore // Utility Analyst
"The customer support is outstanding, and the response is fast. The Help Center has videos, and the information is detailed.”
Gwendy B.
“EnergyCAP software is an extremely user friendly and reliable system. I have been managing this system for 17 years through various versions of the system. With every version or release of the...
Fara M.
“EnergyCAP has allowed us to understand our energy consumption profile better than we ever have, to see areas where we can save energy, and to assess possible sustainability initiatives.”
Coleman L.
"Highly recommended! We could cut 80–90% of the time our energy analysts spend in repetitive tasks such as collecting and handling data to create reports and actions. Their support is second to none,...
Nick Wood // Technology Director

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