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8 Things You Can Do With Energy Management Software

Today we introduce a new energy management infographic available from EnergyCAP. And whether you are a customer or a first-time visitor, this resource may remind you why you would want to acquire or maintain a software tool for your energy program.

Pass utility bill info to your Accounts Payable department.

Are you even TALKING to accounts payable? How are you sharing energy information between facilities/operations and finance? Are you still doing double- or triple-data-entry of the same utility bill information to keep everybody up to date? Have you found the right process for sharing utility information across the enterprise? Energy management software can help.

Create internal invoices for departmental energy expenses.

Are you doing internal chargebacks or rebilling? Is the process a headache? How vital is this business process for the health of your organization? Are the stakeholders happy with the solution? Is your rebilling operation easy to start and/or maintain? Energy management software can help.

Report on late utility payment fees you paid in the last quarter.

Is your energy reporting system robust? Are you able to categorize energy-related expenses? Are you doing regular and granular audits based on those expense categories? Is the reporting process automated? Or are you spending way too much time reporting and not enough time analyzing your data? Energy management software can help.

Get your organization’s carbon footprint.

Does your organization care about carbon? Have you figured out a way to track emissions in a cost-effective manner? Do you have goals or mandates that need to be met? Is there a logic and comprehensive approach to your sustainability program(s)? Energy management software can help.

Compare energy use at similar facilities.

Are you measuring what you want to manage? Do you have a way of comparing energy use at similar facilities in a way that will enable you to spot saving opportunities? Do you normalize your utility reports based on calculations for weather or production and/or other factors? Energy management software can help.

Automatically submit your building energy data to ENERGY STAR.

Have you been asked to submit your building energy data to ENERGY STAR? Are you maintaining monthly numbers for your buildings so you’ll know when you are eligible for certification? Have you automated the monthly submission of your Portfolio Manager data? Do you know how your energy consumption compares to that of similar facilities in your region of the country? Energy management software can help.

Set up weekly energy reports emailed right to stakeholders’ inboxes.

Are you sharing the right energy information with the right people at the right time? Are you customizing your reports with just the buildings, meters, or accounts that matter to the people receiving them? Are you helping energy stakeholders in your organization to visualize the data in productive, useful ways? Do you have a system in place to deliver this information every week or every month with just a one-time setup process? Energy management software can help.

Access your historical energy records anywhere you can load a web browser.

Can you view your energy data whenever you need it and wherever you need it? Can you manage your energy management program on the go and online? When you need “boots on the ground” in your facilities, does your data travel with you? Do you have the tools at your fingertips to identify, prioritize, and assign energy issues for action and resolution? Energy management software can help.

These are just a few of the ways that energy management software can help your organization do business more easily, efficiently, and productively. Download the infographic today, and please contact us if you want to find out more about how energy management software can help YOU.