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EnergyCAP and Your Mission-Critical Contracts Plan

Chances are that your organization has a “Mission-Critical Contracts Plan” to ensure that mission essential contracts have been identified and that the vendors responsible for those mission essential products and services are following CDC and other applicable health and safety guidelines and precautions.

We have received many notices from government, education, health care, and commercial clients like this one: Many local governments are considering austerity measures to address the impending revenue shortfall and economic downturn due to COVID. I want to let you know that this WILL NOT impede our work with you, due to the essential nature of the services you provide.

Keeping the daily flow of utility bills from utility vendors to EnergyCAP and on to accounts payable, avoiding costly late fees and utility shutoff warnings, and spotting wasteful energy usage are business essential functions. And more than that, reducing utility waste takes on new importance in an era of budget cuts and scrutiny of all expenses.

If your organization has created a Mission-Critical Contracts Plan, now’s a great time to ensure that EnergyCAP is listed. Most plans require each vendor to have a published Pandemic Preparedness Plan. You can find ours here.

And while you’re thinking strategically about mission-critical functions, here are a few great ideas to consider:

  • Enroll your utility accounts in our Bill CAPture service. Let us worry about getting your bills into EnergyCAP for you. Receiving, opening, and keying utility bills are functions not easily handled by work-from-home staff, so now’s a great time to reconsider your entire utility bill workflow process.
  • Move your on-premises EnergyCAP hosting to our commercial data center. You’ll never miss a beat, plus you’ll receive monthly program updates up to nine months sooner… and you’ll probably save at least 50% over the internal costs of self-hosting.
  • Our new Customer Services Catalog gives you a convenient one-stop shopping site to order extra Customer Success assistance, online training, free initial retro-commissioning consultation and much more.

It was sobering to watch news reports of overloaded New York City hospitals struggling with COVID-19 cases, some of the same hospitals that are enrolled in EnergyCAP bill processing. That’s one less concern for administrators, and one less staff person who needs to report to work. Be sure that EnergyCAP is listed as mission essential for your organization, and please let us know how we can reduce your stress, ensure essential business processes continue without interruption, and save you money.