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EnergyCAP Awarded Miami-Dade County Energy Software Contract

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EnergyCAP, the best-selling energy management software since 1980, has been selected by Florida’s Miami-Dade County for county-wide utility bill management. EnergyCAP will enable the County to reduce energy cost through improved electronic utility bill processing, auditing and payment, benchmarking, advanced analytics, and automated reporting.

EnergyCAP Enterprise will replace the County’s current outmoded electric bill database that was implemented over 25 years ago. The transition will modernize all of Miami-Dade County’s energy management and sustainability efforts, enabling significant cost savings and increased energy efficiency.

“This agreement represents an important step forward in Miami-Dade County’s energy efficiency and sustainability program,” said Steve Heinz, CEO of EnergyCAP. “We worked extensively with the County’s Utility Bill Management Working Group to ensure that EnergyCAP is the correct solution for its energy information needs. I’m proud of the collaboration and look forward to short and long-term energy savings for the taxpayers of Miami-Dade County.”

Miami-Dade County consists of 34 cities and ranks as the eighth most populous county in the United States, providing EnergyCAP with the opportunity to prove itself in an environment of complex, high volume, high cost utility bills. Funding for the initiative came largely from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block grant (EECBG) via the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).

EnergyCAP Enterprise will process over 4,500 Florida Power & Light (FPL) electricity bills for the County, upload to FAMIS and Oracle accounting systems as well as interface with the EPA’s Portfolio Manager to obtain ENERGY STAR building benchmark ratings. Implementation of EnergyCAP Enterprise will replace manual processes, streamline billing and conservation operations, and will replace the current system. The major departments that will benefit include the water and sewer department, internal services, public housing, public works, airport/seaport, area transit, waste management, and fire and rescue.

The EnergyCAP Enterprise platform will enable Miami-Dade County to:

    • Eliminate billing errors

    • Process utility bills faster and more efficiently

    • Manage cost accounting and allocation throughout the County

    • Uncover account ownership errors

    • Illustrate the benefits of energy conservation to all County employees

    • Identify building control problems, leaks, and inefficiencies

    • Track and report Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    • Measure energy savings

    • Improve budgeting and cost management

EnergyCAP Enterprise is used by Fortune 500 businesses, universities, and state and municipal governments with complex energy management needs. EnergyCAP Express is a new web-based version that enables towns, colleges, and small businesses to track their utility bills online; a free 30-day trial is immediately available.