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EnergyCAP Unmasked: Customer Service

Make new friends, but keep the old,
One is silver, and the other, gold.

The Girl Scout campfire song is old, but the sentiment is current, especially in business: It’s wonderful to find a new customer, but even better to keep your existing customers so happy that they keep coming back for more.


At EnergyCAP, our Customer Service team has the challenge of doing exactly that. In today’s blog, we unmask the EnergyCAP Customer Service department.

Currently, Customer Service is staffed by four full-time employees:

  • Matthew Heinz is Vice President of Customer Service and Corporate Social Responsibility. His primary role is to serve as a customer advocate at the company. He is also responsible for overseeing fulfillment of new orders, license validations, product upgrades, and customer communications. Matthew oversees customer support for EnergyCAP and GreenQuest.
  • Joel “Brick” Brickell is Manager of Customer Support, where he directly manages customer support for EnergyCAP and is the first line of support for users. “Brick always delivers fast, helpful and excellent customer service!” according to one customer.
  • Jeff Folfygen is the Customer Support Specialist assigned to the Eastern region of the country. He specializes in assisting users with databases, software application functionality, and program functionality. “Jeff kept letting me know where the issue stood, what I needed to do, what he was doing, and what the path going forward looked like!” said one client. “He was great!”
  • The newest member of the team is Josh Berkheimer. Josh is a Customer Support Specialist assigned to the Western region of the country. His goal is to provide the best customer service possible while answering support tickets. “Josh has helped me on several occasions,” said a client. “He obviously knows his stuff and is very easy to talk to.”

Josh says he likes to hear the relief in a customer’s voice when a tricky problem is resolved over the phone. “Making a client’s day better by solving their problem also makes my day better,” he said.

Customer Service Goal

Matthew seeks to rally his team around a common goal: “Our vision is for every single one of our EnergyCAP users to be completely satisfied with their operation of EnergyCAP software,” he said. “To accomplish this we strive to ensure a high level of customer service by successfully troubleshooting their software use and maintenance within their environments.”

Matthew gauges customer satisfaction through direct client contacts and through more objective means such as surveys. “Ninety-eight percent of our users have given us either a satisfactory or highly satisfactory rating after opening a customer support ticket,” he reported.

Customer Service interacts with customers in several ways:

  • http://support.energycap.com(our support website) provides an online trouble ticket system that can be accessed 24-7. Staff will respond during office hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., ET). Response metrics are tracked carefully for quality control.
  • The toll-free support line (877.327.3702) is popular with clients who prefer talk instead of email.
  • Up-to-the-minute user documentation for the software products is created by Development staff, but linked at the support website: http://www.energycap.com/support/options

Customer Service is also starting to use social media more to connect with EnergyCAP users, including:

You can keep current on ways to connect to the Customer Support team at http://www.energycap.com/support/options. Feel free to contact Matthew at any time with Customer Service issues, concerns, or comments at Matthew.Heinz@EnergyCAP.com.

The Customer Support team does have one request of our readers who are clients: PLEASE let them know any time there are personnel changes or updates to your contact information. They want to make sure that they have the correct information to facilitate timely client communications.



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