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Unleash Your Productivity: Part Two

“Productivity Unleashed” was the theme of last month’s Catalyst Training for Savings Conference, and EnergyCAP, Inc. CEO Steve Heinz closed the conference with a keynote titled “10 Tips to Unleash Your Productivity.”  We shared tips 6–10 in our April 19th blog, and now the suspense is over. The top five tips are presented below.

Tip #5

Reports CAL28 and YY19A are great for building-by-building feedback.


For the CAL28 report, Steve suggests setting filters for up to four commodities, three years, and 12 Periods to get a thorough view of each building’s performance over time. The data-only version of the report also exports nicely to Excel.

Presenting data in tables and graphs, YY19A is well-suited for executive-level reporting. We recommend that you set filters for Baseline Year, Current Year, First Month, and Number of Months. The “One of” filter should be applied to the Commodity field to limit the amount of data to major utilities, such as electric and gas. 


Tip #4
Create a new Dashboard in EnergyCAP v4, and create a public link to share it.

V4 Dashboard.png

The next major EnergyCAP release—Version 4.0—is currently available in beta for EnergyCAP licensees whose database is hosted by ECI. If you’re one of those users and you have requested access to v4, we encourage you to take of the expanded and very flexible dashboarding functionality to communicate your energy management success. 


Tip #3
Find the EnergyCAP reports you need by searching the all-new Report Library.


It’s now easier than ever to search EnergyCAP’s vast library to find the report that conveys the information you need in the format you need it.


Tip #2
Download and try Version 2 of EnergyCAP’s Report Designer module.


The Report Designer module has been redesigned, and the latest version is now available for ECI-hosted customers.  A major change is the built-in user tutorial that introduces new users to the module’s primary functions and the library of tools that are now readily available for creating custom EnergyCAP reports.


Tip #1
Inquire about Smart CAPture℠ – the quickest route to energy and cost savings.


We recognize the tremendous energy management value of interval data—it helps identify problems and savings opportunities that aren’t visible, apparent, or timely with monthly utility bills—and we want to make sure EnergyCAP users benefit from it. 

With Smart CAPture, your organization’s interval data (15-minute, 30-minute, etc.) can be accessed and imported into EnergyCAP via an automated process. The data will then be available for analysis through dashboard widgets, PowerViews, and a variety of EnergyCAP reports. Interval data readings can also be “rolled up” to a monthly consumption figure for internal customer rebilling or vendor bill verification.


But wait…there’s more!  Steve Heinz also shared this… 

Bonus Tip
Try three new EnergyCAP reports:

  • SU63 – Spreadsheet showing detailed permissions per user role
  • WTHR04 – Helps you spot days of extreme weather conditions
  • BL08A – Highlights Billing Periods with no bills or more than one bill

We hope the above tips will unleash your productivity and help you get even more value from EnergyCAP.  If you have an EnergyCAP tip that you think will benefit your peers, please share it below via a Comment.