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Tariff Analytics

It is important for large power consumers to understand the different tariff options available to them in order to have better visibility and control over energy costs. Deciding on the most suitable tariff can only be done when the energy manager or energy management team understands a facility or business’s operational behavior, typical consumption and trends that influence energy use. Taking into account these factors, different tariffs can be evaluated and a suitable option can be chosen.

The EnergyCAP SmartAnalyticsTM  tariffs feature is used to calculate the cost of energy found in the breakdown tab. The tariffs tab applies not only to electricity, but can also. Be used for water and gas tariffs if needed.

The tariff tool makes it possible to:

  • See the cost of energy over a 12-month period
  • Perform cost comparison with different energy suppliers
  • Set validity of tariff structure
  • Set different time periods to match the tariff structure applied to your energy consumption
  • Input different tariff rates for different days of the week or hours of the day
  • Edit tariffs for historical energy data for further analysis
  • Add, edit and delete tariffs for electricity, water, and gas
Product Features