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Accounting Export

Our accounting export feature ensures your utility bills are verified and approved before payment, eliminating errors and redundant data entry. Compatible with any financial system, it seamlessly integrates into your workflow, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

Simplify and secure your utility bill processing

In many organizations, utility bills are automatically paid by the Accounting department without prior review or approval from the energy or facility manager. While this process may be swift, it lacks a crucial step: verification. How can Accounting be sure that the bill was accurate?

Most Accounting departments overlook the usage values on utility bills, making it difficult to compare unit costs or confirm the correct rate schedules. Additionally, Accounts Payable (AP) may not always be aware when a utility account is deactivated and should no longer be paid, or if a malfunctioning meter has produced an inaccurate bill.

A smarter way to manage utility bills

EnergyCAP UtilityManagement™ Accounting Export feature offers a superior method to audit, process, and manage utility bills before you pay them. Acting as a smart and user-friendly “front-end” to your accounts payable or general ledger system, it ensures that utility bills are handled with precision.

  • Bill Entry and Verification: Utility bills are entered or imported into EnergyCAP and verified through comprehensive audits.
  • Review and Approval: Bills are presented for review and approval by the relevant staff members.
  • Seamless Export: Post-approval, bill details are exported from EnergyCAP UtilityManagement in an import-ready format tailored to your specific accounting system.

Customizable and compatible

Our accounting export feature is customized for each organization and is compatible with any financial system, including but not limited to:

  • CAS
  • PeopleSoft
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • MR
  • QuickBooks
  • Great Plains
  • Banner
  • Performance

Even if your system isn’t listed, we can create interfaces for any AP and GL system, including proprietary applications.

Benefits of our accounting export workflow

  • Eliminate redundant data entry: Reduce or eliminate manual data entry, saving time and minimizing errors.
  • Ensure bill accuracy: Utility bills are audited and approved before payment, ensuring accuracy.
  • Comprehensive accounting functionality: Beyond standard reports and dashboards, our Advanced Accounting features bundle includes:
    • Cost-saving measures by verifying the accuracy of utility bills.
    • Future bill estimation for accruals.
    • Reliable and adjustable utility bill budgets.

Are you auditing bills before paying them?

Without proper auditing, paying bills can lead to significant financial risks and inefficiencies. These include overpayments, unnoticed billing errors, and even paying for inactive accounts. Such issues can result in unnecessary expenses and financial discrepancies, impacting your organization’s bottom line. EnergyCAP mitigates these risks by ensuring every bill is thoroughly audited and accurate before it reaches Accounting. Our rigorous verification process catches errors, confirms rate schedules, and identifies deactivated accounts, providing you with confidence and control over your utility expenses.


Save more with bundled features

Combine our Accounting Export feature with the Budgets and/or Bill Accruals features and save up to 33% off the retail rate. Explore the full range of our advanced accounting features and gain the comprehensive functionality your organization needs to manage utility bills effectively.

Learn more about our Budgets, Bill Accruals, and Advanced Accounting features bundle today.

For more information and to see how EnergyCAP UtilityManagement™ can transform your utility bill processing, contact us.

Accountants love our accounting export feature!

Accountants love the EnergyCAP accounting export feature because it streamlines their workflow, reduces manual data entry, and minimizes errors. By automating verification and approval, it ensures all utility bills are accurate before reaching the accounting system, enhancing financial accuracy and control.

"Not only has EnergyCAP saved us time and made us more productive in tracking our energy costs, but we have been able to identify misapplied payments, ensure that when facilities move the utilities...
Lisa Roberts // Manager, Engineering Administration
"It is incredible to me what shared challenges and situations higher ed has and EnergyCAP really really gets that, which I appreciate."
Andrea Moore // Utility Analyst
"EnergyCAP has everything that we need. They work to provide what we don't even know that we need sometimes. And the program is very robust and it's answered all of the needs that we've had from...
Michele Markovits // Energy Management Analyst
"Highly recommended! We could cut 80–90% of the time our energy analysts spend in repetitive tasks such as collecting and handling data to create reports and actions. Their support is second to none,...
Nick Wood // Technology Director
"The customer support is outstanding, and the response is fast. The Help Center has videos, and the information is detailed.”
Gwendy B.
“EnergyCAP software is an extremely user friendly and reliable system. I have been managing this system for 17 years through various versions of the system. With every version or release of the...
Fara M.

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