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Accounting export

It’s a common procedure in many organizations for the Accounting department to automatically pay utility bills prior to review or approval from the energy or facility manager. That process may be fast, but how does Accounting know if the bill was correct?

Most Accounting departments don’t look at use values on the utility bills and, therefore, are not able to compare unit costs or confirm appropriate rate schedules. AP may or may not know when a utility account is deactivated and should no longer be paid, or that a malfunctioning meter produced an inaccurate bill.

There is a better way to audit, process, and manage utility bills. Incorporate EnergyCAP software as the smart and friendly “front-end” to your accounts payable or general ledger system. In this scenario, utility bills are entered or imported into EnergyCAP, verified through EnergyCAP audits, and presented for review and approval by the appropriate staff members. After approval, bill details are exported from EnergyCAP in a format that is import-ready for your specific accounting system.

The accounting export is customized for each organization and for any financial system, including CAS, PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle, MR, QuickBooks, Great Plains, Banner, and Performance. If your system isn’t on the list, no worries, we can create interfaces to any AP and GL system, even proprietary applications.

This EnergyCAP-centered workflow eliminates redundant data entry—ideally, all manual data entry—and ensures that your utility bills are audited and approved before they are paid.

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