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Bill CAPture℠ Utility Bill Processing & Management

Accurate utility bill accounting and effective energy management start with complete utility bill data, but manual bill data entry consumes way too many hours of your valuable time. Let us do the work for you via Bill CAPture, our specialized utility bill processing services.

Utility Bill Processing

Utility invoice formats and accessibility vary widely from vendor to vendor. Using industry-leading technologies, Bill CAPture collects and processes utility bills in a variety of formats, such as:

  • scanned images (PDF, TIFF, HTML, JPG, etc.)
  • electronic vendor files (EDI 810, XLS, CSV, TXT)
  • paper bills mailed to our processing center

Optical character recognition (OCR) converts bill images into EnergyCAP Utility Management bill import files. When bill images are not available, sophisticated electronic mapping tools are employed for EDI and other electronic bills. We can also leverage a manual team to enter bills for our customers. With either method, all important bill charges and line item details are captured, allowing for comprehensive analysis of your utility bill information in EnergyCAP Utility Management. Supplementary workflow steps are built into the Bill CAPture service to ensure data accuracy, notifications of data issues, and reporting transparency. We go a few steps further by importing and auditing your bills, uploading your bill images, and distributing batch and audit reports.

Bills are imported into your EnergyCAP database (or delivered to clients hosting on premises) within an agreed-upon Service Level Agreement that is based on your organization’s bill payment process. Upon entry into EnergyCAP Utility Management, your utility bill data is immediately accessible for additional auditing, analysis, and reporting.

Billing data can be exported from EnergyCAP Utility Management in a format that is ready to import into your accounting system. The integration eliminates redundant bill data entry and ensures that invoices are audited and approved before they are paid.

Managed Services

The Bill CAPture service does not have to stop with data entry. You may elect to have our experienced staff resolve billing and account-related issues for you through our Managed Services.

Every line of billing data is automatically audited by EnergyCAP Utility Management to confirm accuracy and completeness. If a bill is flagged by EnergyCAP Utility Management and you are a Managed Services customer, your assigned Bill CAPture representative will review the issue and take appropriate action—setting up new accounts and meters in EnergyCAP Utility Management, resolving missing, duplicate, or corrected bill issues, and more—to keep the workflow moving.

Our Bill CAPture Managed Services are based on your organization’s business rules and are documented and available for review within EnergyCAP Utility Management, provided through reports, and discussed during regularly scheduled phone calls or online meetings.

With decades of hands-on experience, we deliver the same value and peace-of-mind with Bill CAPture as with our EnergyCAP energy and sustainability software. Make manual data entry a thing of the past and let us do the work for you.

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