Resources: Energy Management


Commercial Infographics

More than 2,500 organizations across North America benefit from our EnergyCAP utility bill accounting & energy management software. The infographics below illustrate EnergyCAP’s valuable role in helping commercial organizations analyze their energy data, reduce energy consumption and utility spending, automate repetitive accounting tasks, track energy reduction goals, and more.


UniFirst Corporation

EnergyCAP helped transform their energy and utility bill management programs.


Southeastern Freight Lines

Centralized utility bill processing cut late fees, improved accounting, and aided decision-making.

Government Infographics

Federal, state, and municipal governments face a wide range of energy management challenges: decentralized utility bill processing, energy reduction mandates, staffing shortages, renewable energy tracking, and others. Below are real-life examples of how EnergyCAP provided the foundation for government entities to streamline the inefficient and simplify the complex.


Bay Area Cities

Bay Area communities band together to implement data-based energy conservation Action Plans.


State of Maryland

An energy management response to the Energy Efficiency Act of 2008.


Lexington-Fayette Urban County Gov

LFUCG’s Energy Initiatives team uses EnergyCAP to communicate effectively across all levels of government to achieve energy use and cost savings.


City of Tucson, AZ

Tucson's EnergyCAP implementation reveals issues and opportunities.


City of Barrie, ON

The City's energy management branch engages facility operators while reducing energy consumption.


Miami-Dade County, FL

How focused leadership and re-imagined processes are saving kilowatts and helping the environment.

Riverside County Infographic

Riverside County, CA

Energy Management and Accounting teams work together to lower utility bill processing costs and reduce energy consumption.


City of Virginia Beach

The City's EDI utility bill management is winning national awards.


James City County, VA

A single software solution unifies the County's energy management program.


City of Minneapolis, MN

Seeking sustainability, the City adopts EnergyCAP to achieve its goals.


City of San Bernardino, CA

Their part-time energy manager is helping the City out of fiscal crisis.


City of Westminster, CO

Challenge assumptions and demolish energy myths to realize savings.

Education Infographics

Utility bill accounting and energy management can be extremely complex within the higher education campus setting. The infographics below illustrate how EnergyCAP will help you overcome those challenges within one comprehensive application and customized implementation, performing chargebacks for billable accounts, auditing for data errors, exporting data for custom reporting, analyzing trends to identify anomalies, and measuring and verifying energy conservation projects.


University of Kansas

Utility bill processing, building benchmarking, and distributions are all in a day’s work.


Texas State University

Learn how EnergyCAP helped Texas State University achieve its energy management objectives through efficient utility bill processing and streamlined calculations of campus distributions.


Loudoun County Public Schools

How LCPS saved $60 million in a little more than two decades.


University of New Mexico

A nighttime drive led to the implementation of a behavior-based energy conservation model that has saved millions of dollars.


Oklahoma State University

OSU leadership established a behavior-based, campus-wide energy conservation and sustainability program.